When Rae and I first moved into our house, we thought it prudent to have the property checked for white ants. We were concerned about the use of toxic chemical methods which most of the other chemical companies advocated.

Rae and I have appreciated the prompt and friendly service, support and time spent in explaining the detection and eradication system for white ants. We were shocked to find white ants at several sites.

The bait box attracted hundreds of thousands of white ants. The application of the growth regulator totally eliminated the white ant population. I could not see a single white ant whatsoever. So, I must conclude that the colony has been fully disposed of as you explained.

I thank you for the wonderful help at very reasonable cost. Rae and I can now sleep comfortably with the reassurance that a significant problem has been solved. We also appreciate your follow-up service.

Harry Nash, Consultant Pediatrician

“After discovering that white ants were destroying our floorboards and a number of doorways in our home, we contacted three conventional businesses for advice and quotes on the appropriate treatment.

We were quoted $3,000 for the sentricon system which led us to inquire further and it was suggested we discuss our problems with SA Pest Free Naturally.

Robert Cameron was quick to respond and we had a confidence in him that we did not have with other companies. He injected nematodes into the affected areas which destroyed the white ants within a matter of days and he also set up nematerm lures in the garden and two bait boxes to track down the nest.

He kept a check on the system over the ensuing months and when one of the bait boxes was teeming with white ants this was treated to eliminate the nest.

We have paid less than a third of the cost of the sentricon system.

We would highly recommend SA Pest Free Naturally for their understanding of the termite problem, their prompt and effective action and their economical approach which is chemical free.”

Kathy and Mike Royans,

The boys from Pest Free Naturally came to investigate our white ant problem and very quickly located the colony and nest. Without using chemicals or drilling holes in the floors, they set an organic trap and wiped out all the ants completely. What’s even better, there are no contracts or future commitments like the other pest companies. It’s the only way to go.”

Mike & Christine Moseby,

I had a major problem with persistent white ants in 4 places on my property. I had 2 different pest control companies treat the areas with no success. Robert Cameron’s method of treatment was extremely effective and also environmentally friendly.”

Yvonne Perrin, past president: Natural Health Society

I cannot speak highly enough of this company. The service this business provides is second to none and nothing is ever too much trouble! The kindness and integrity of their staff has been remarkable. Furthermore, their termite baiting systems are cutting-edge and, I believe, this method of termite prevention is far superior to anything else on the market and is the way of the future. I thoroughly recommend this company and their products and feel they are the best choice for superior termite protection.”

Sara Rooney, Naturopathic Physician & Research Scientist