We built our house 14 years ago with a standard anti-termite barrier in the foundation slab. We also engaged Termite Free Naturally to eradicate the termites on our block because the surrounding area had a lot of termite-ridden trees. We had one termite attack into a staircase, but the entry point was established and the termite colony eradicated by Termite Free Naturally using one of their termite eradication traps. We have had our house surrounded by Termite Free Naturally’s trap system ever since and have had no further problems.

We have regular annual inspections by Termite Free Naturally and regularly inspect the traps ourselves to see if there is any termite activity. So far there has been none. We cannot speak highly enough of Termite Free Naturally’s professional and customer-oriented approach.

We recently heard noises in our bedroom ceiling space and thought they might be termites. We contacted Termite Free Naturally and they went into our roof space to have a look. Our problem was not termites but rats! Termite Free Naturally put rat baits in the ceiling space and the rats took them and perished outside our house. This had nothing to do with termites, of course, but shows how concerned and obliging Termite Free Naturally are for their regular clients (including older clients like us).

Richard Blandy – Norwood


Richard Blandy,

They’ve gone! Those pesky critters who fed on our door frames and floorboards have been beaten at last. They made a mockery of expensive so-called “pest control” efforts. But yout “Termite Free” team lived up to a promise to find the home base and destroy it. From our first contact we were impressed. My wife and I knew we had found a companyof honest, dedicated people who were determined to help us, and for a reasonable price. you’ve done that Scott and thank tou. We are going to miss the morning cuppas on those return traps of yours to check out bait traps were clear. But rest assured we have told “the world” about finding you and your team.


Lea and Graham McInerney, Victor Harbour

Lea and Graham McInereney,

Two of my friends have already brought Termite Free Naturally DIY systems based on seeing mine and hearing my recommendation!

DIY – Bruce,

Dear Scott and Staff,

It is a privilege to write this letter to you having acquired your services recently. Over the years we have had many companies come and quote work and or carry it out. Having experienced great workmanship, to unfortunately tardiness and lack of care. I used the word ‘privilege’ sincerely, as we were impressed with the duty of care, professionalism yet the personal interaction between us, you and your staff. It is obvious that the staff respect each other and love their work. Working well together with speed and efficiency. On asking them what they were doing, they didn’t hesitate to explain in detail whilst continuing their work. We felt your company is very thourough using various methods to investigate and or terminate the white ants. Clean up was great and happy that you would take away any rubbish and concrete plugs. The overall experience with your compnay and the knowledge we have gained has given us a sense of security and confidence in the products. We thank you and hope you continue to have a successful and prosperous buisiness.


Kevin and Joanne Moore

Kevin and Joanne Moore,

As a builder we have been closely associated with SA Pest Free Naturally for several years.

Not only are their methods more environmentally sustainable and relatively chemical free, they actually work.

Our clients have been very positive about the performance, knowledge, integrity and attitude of Rob and his associates and we enthusiastically recommend them as providing the only sensible, cost effective and sustainable method of protecting existing homes.”

Peter Claridge B.Bus, Claridge Construction