We would like to say we were very impressed with the installers and how professional they were and the through explanation of the system to us. Also impressed with the cleanup after the installation was completed.

Happy Customers.

Jon and Dayle Mcknight,

Our experience has been positive.
The original inspector was thorough and respectful of our home spaces.
The installer was efficient and able to adapt to our needs, when new information was given.
So far we have had one follow-up inspection which went smoothly and the information we received was thorough and personalised to our situation.
Thank you

C. Summerfield,

Scott and Rob were both very friendly and very informative detailing everything they were doing keeping me updated all along.

The whole process was quite painless.


I recently discovered white ants infesting a localised area (I thought) in one room against an outer brick wall. Then neighbours informed me that they had found white ants in an old dead tree trunk close to the fence line. Friends recommended Termite Free Naturally, I liked the sound of them because I do not want to be breathing chemicals or have damage to wooden floors, but must admit I was doubtful about the effectiveness of these methods. Within a few minutes of their arrival I felt totally relieved that my problem was in the hands of professionals who knew exactly what to look for. They were friendly and informative, and based their methods on a knowledge of the termites’ life cycle and behaviour. As well as my house, they searched my property and immediate neighbours’ properties, also street trees within several houses on both sides of my corner block, and found the main nest which they treated. They put several bait traps where they found evidence in my house for later testing, plus installed permanent bait traps around the oustside of my house. They have made appointments and inspected when they said they would, and I have signed up for ongoing inspections as it has relieved me of the worry.

Rae Marnham,

On one of Robert Cameron’s visits to our Cellar Door, I was telling him about a severe ant problem that I had right next to my house. They had built their nest’s underneath several concrete slabs by the side of my house in front of the garage. During the months of January, February and March, they had increased to plague numbers.

After informing Robert of my problem, he recommended, in between several tastings of red wine, that I try a product gel from DuPont called Advion. He explained how all I needed to do was to leave a small amount of the gel near the entry to the ant holes and the worker ants would ingest the gel and return back down the holes. The other ants would subsequently eat him and come to grief themselves.

I thought this sounded too easy and that Robert was talking up this product more and more as he continued to sample.

He was on his way to Robe for some well earned R&R and said he would instruct his son to post me a sample. True to his word, a 30gm sample of Advion arrived 3 days later in the mail.

The next afternoon, I placed 6 – 7 blobs, using about 20gms of the Advion, in between all the holes which covered an area of about 9 square metres.

Within two days, the activity had decreased by about 98%. It actually worked as quickly and effectively as Robert said it would.

Thank you Robert for your advice and service.

Robert Potts,