Need Termite Traps in Reynella? Termite Myths and Facts

There’s a lot of inaccurate information out there about termites. For instance, some people think that simply spraying some harsh chemicals around their home can protect them from termites. While this may reduce the number of termites for a while, it does not eradicate the colony, which means that the termites will eventually return. Another myth is that there is no safe, environmentally sound way to get rid of termites and white ants. Here at Termite Free Naturally, we know better. And because we know better, we do better when we install termite traps around your Reynella home. Your family’s health and the safety of the products we use are our priorities. Our unique program utilises natural bait and colony location techniques to find the colony and eradicate it directly. This eliminates having to use chemicals in your home. We also care about the environment and use the most natural options possible to minimise the effect on nature, unlike chemical sprays which can get into the soil and washed into waterways.

How We Eradicate Termites

Termite Free Naturally developed our program in conjunction with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). A termite trap outside your Reynella home, filled with the bait that termites love, is just part of our service. We start by looking around the area for the location of the colony. A small hole (which does not harm the tree) is drilled into each potential tree, and we then check each tree for the increased temperature that signals a breeding queen is present. Once the colony site is known, it can be eradicated directly. While this is preferred, the nest may be in a location that you don’t have access to, and you cannot locate the colony and treat it directly. In those instances, we utilise termite traps with a unique bait that will be taken back to the colony and destroy the nest. This may take a bit longer but is very effective at eliminating termites. For those across Australia not close enough to the area around Adelaide to benefit from our personalised service, we offer a handy DIY kit that will cover everything you need to handle termites on your own. Our staff is always ready to answer your questions about our package and provide technical support.

What Happens After Eradication? Do You Still Need Reynella Termite Traps?

It is vital to maintain monitoring after treatment. Venus traps with bait will be placed around the home to serve as warning stations for additional termites. While some believe that only a couple of traps are needed, the reality is that you require 14-18 traps around the perimeter to truly provide protection. Termite Free Naturally will then monitor your Reynella home’s termite traps, and if any sign of infestation arises, we will be on hand to take care of it.

For more information or to book an appointment, call us on 1800 154 764. We’re always happy to answer your questions and discuss your individual needs.