Natural Termite Protection System in Brighton

Your neighbour tells you they’ve found termites. You panic, realising that you’re totally unprepared to think about termite protection systems in Brighton. What are your options to protect your home? You know you don’t want chemical sprays around your home, but you don’t know what other options there are. What should you do? Termite Free Naturally has the answers you need for all your Brighton termite protection system questions. We’ve been helping homeowners avoid and eradicate termites with chemical-free solutions in the Adelaide area for 25 years now. We are Australian-owned and operated and have the knowledge and experience you’re looking for to keep termites away from your home for good. So don’t panic – relax and call Termite Free Naturally. We’re a family-run business, and owner Robert and his children Scott and Suzy are committed to safely protecting your family home from termites.

How Do We Do Natural Termite Protection in Brighton?

We worked in conjunction with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) to develop a Brighton termite protection system that works without the need for toxic sprays in or around your home. This protects not only the people in it but also the environment as no chemicals will be washed away to contaminate streams and water supplies. Our unique process starts with a full inspection of your home and the surrounding area. Inconspicuous bait traps are set up at regular intervals around your house and then checked regularly for signs of infestation. If we find signs of infestation, we look for the colony. Every tree is checked for signs of a termite nest by use of a small hole (which is harmless to the tree) and a temperature probe. A higher temperature than normal suggests a breeding termite queen is present.

Getting Rid of the Colony

Once we locate the colony, it can be treated and destroyed. In cases where the location is difficult, our Venus termite traps can be used not just as an indicator, but also to help bring colony-destroying bait back to the nest. Our traps are safe to use and do not leave any residue. The important part is what happens after the destruction of the colony. Termite protection around your Brighton home, comprised of bait traps, is an absolute necessity to prevent future infestations. If new termites arrive, you’ll know quickly and can address the problem before it becomes overwhelming.

Termite Free Naturally happily services commercial, residential, and strata locations in Adelaide and the surrounding communities. For those living outside our service area, we offer a DIY kit in our Online Store that we can ship across Australia. It comes with complete instructions and full technical support from our fantastic staff. We’ll answer all your questions and help you get on the way to being termite-free the natural way.

For more information, or to book an appointment for a free quote, please call us on 1800 154 764 or fill out our online contact form. We’ll give you the peace of mind you need.