Termite Prevention

It’s easier than you think!


By installing an early warning system around the perimeter of your home. This can be done by you, using our DIY pack, or if you live within 100 km of the adelaide CBD, having our team do the job for you. The system is designed to attract any termites BEFORE they can reach your house. It comprises a series of termite traps strategically located to provide full coverage outside your house.

The system is then checked (either by you or our team) at regular intervals for any signs of activity.

If termites are detected baits are installed in the traps to eradicate the termites and where appropriate our team can search out termite colonies and destroy them.


Termite Eradication … safe for you, your family and the environment

Your house surrounds will be carefully inspected for signs of termite activity and nests.

Note: Termites usually establish their colonies near sources of food (timber), but seldom source their food from the same place as their colony (ie. if the colony is in a tree, the termites don’t use it as their food source).

Any colonies identified will be destroyed and an early warning system of traps installed for regular inspections and detection of further activity.

Baits used to destroy termite colonies will not leave harmful residues

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