Termite Free System

Termite Free Naturally – how our termite treatment works

1. Termite House inspection

A comprehensive house inspection is the only way to determine whether or not a property has termites.

If activity is already known an inspection will enable us to find the source of where they are coming in and the extent of the damage.

2. Venus Termite Traps

SA Pest Free Naturally uses Venus Termite Traps to detect termite (White Ant) activity in your yard before they get to your home.

Fast prevention and insurance against termites can save you thousands of dollars.

Understanding Termite Colonies (Nests)

  • Termites collect food to take back to their nest.
  • They are blind and work in underground galleries.
  • The ones that attack houses collect timber.
  • They will travel up to 100 metres to find a food source.

Visit Identifying Termites to learn about different types of termite species, where they are found and their habits.

The Venus Termite Trap is the most practical and effective monitoring tool in our termite treatment process. The timber in the trap is easily accessible to termites and the timber used is highly attractive to them.

Termites in the area will certainly feed from the traps as an initial source of food.

If termites are detected in your yard SA Pest Free Naturally will use the John French Method of Baiting to destroy the termite colony thus eliminating the problem.

Installing Venus Termite Traps to Protect Your Home: Your Early Warning System against Termites

  • Traps are placed strategically around your home so that termites will be attracted to the traps before getting to your house.
  • 14 –18 traps are the regular numbers of traps needed to protect a home. Numbers of traps will vary depending on size of the house and surrounds.

3. Colony Eradication

Once termites are found to be active, the final step in our termite treatment is to eradicate the colony either directly or by baiting.

To kill a colony directly trees are drilled in the area and a temperature probe is used to determine where the queen is.

Because she is always reproducing the temperature is hottest where the queen is located; around 30 – 34 degrees celcius in a tree. In this way we can determine if there is a colony in a tree or whether termites are just feeding on it.

If the colony cannot be located a Bait Trap is set on top of the active Venus trap which the termites take back to the nest and it kills the colony.

Using the described termite treatment it will take most colonies 6-8 weeks to be destroyed through baiting.