Post Eradication



TFN recommends installing Venus Termite Traps  to Protect Your Home: An Early Warning System 

  • During the eradication process, traps are placed strategically around the outside of your home. The traps will act as an early warning system to detect future infestations. The type of timber used in these traps is best attractant for termites, they are unable to resist.
  • 14-18 traps are the regular number of traps needed to protect a home. [Number of traps will vary depending on the size of the house and surrounds.]

Venus Termite Traps

TFN uses Venus Termite Traps as an early warning system to detect termite (White Ant) activity in your yard before they get to your home.

These traps are filled with termites’ favourite food. Venus traps can save you thousands of dollars as they entice these destructive insects into a place where they can be seen, then eradicated without penetrating you home.

These same traps are used to house the baits termites carry back to their colony. Once in the colony, this bait kills the queen and other termites without harming your family, pets or gardens. There’s no toxic sprays or residues to put people at risk.

Baits used by TFN to destroy termite colonies will not leave harmful residues – guaranteed!

The Venus Termite Trap is the most practical and effective monitoring tool. The timber in the trap is easily accessible to termites and is highly attractive to them.

Instead of attacking your home, termites in the area will certainly feed from the traps as an initial source of food.

Questions to ask your termite control specialist