Colony Eradication


Once termites are found to be active, TFN eradicates the colony either directly or by baiting.

Direct Eradication Method: TFN’s preferred method is to directly kill a colony. To do so TFN inspects all trees in the vicinty by drilling a small hole (harmless for the tree) into which a temperature probe is inserted to establish the presence of the termite queen.

Where the tree temperature is about 30-34c its likely a termite queen is actively reproducing. A tree’s lower temperature reading will verify that termites are just feeding on it, rather than the colony residing in it.

Indirect Eradication Method: Occasionally a colony cannot be located, in which case a Bait Trap is set. A Bait trap can be set inside the building where the active termites are currently feeding from or if you already have the TFN trap system installed the bait can be used directly on the active trap. Once the Bait Trap is installed the termites prefer to eat the bait rather than the timber they are feeding on. The bait is then carried back to the nest where it is fed to the entire colony completely eradicating the nest.

Using the described termite baiting system most colonies will be destroyed within 6-12 weeks (can take longer over the winter months). Note: Spraying will not eradicate a termite colony. It may mask the presence of the colony for a time, but unless the nest has been completely eradicated the termites will return.

Questions to ask your termite control specialist