Eradicate the Problem’s Source with Brighton Termite Control Specialist

Termites are a frustrating challenge for homeowners. They can cause immense damage to your Brighton home and do not go away on their own, making the need for a termite control specialist to come and assist you.

Dealing with a termite problem takes time and effectively getting rid of termites once and for all requires a calculated plan of attack. Many termite control specialists use methods that are ultimately unsuccessful in solving your termite problem. These methods seem to work at first. They use harsh chemical sprays to decrease the termite population radically. They collect their fee and move on to the next house. You think the problem is fixed, only to see some surviving termites creep back up weeks down the road.

This method of termite control only takes out part of the population. Or it only deters the termites for a short period, pushing them on somewhere else only to have them return later. You need a more efficient solution that completely solves your problem.

Brighton Termite Control Specialist to Get the Job Done

At Termite Free Naturally, we take a different approach. We believe in doing the job right the first time around. Our process avoids using harsh chemicals that can damage the health of your family and pets. Instead, we use a natural method that ultimately is more effective anyway!

Our termite control specialist will come out to your Brighton home to investigate the situation. He or she will look carefully for signs of termite activity and nests. Termites will build their colonies near their food source but will make sure to build their nests elsewhere. They will not eat and live in the same tree. We will make sure to locate all the food sources and colonies to get rid of all the termite issues.

Once we find the colonies, the termite control specialist will destroy them all with a natural and chemical-free method. Then comes the post-eradication stage. This involves putting early warning system traps into place. You can use these for regular inspections to monitor the situation and become aware of any new termite activity. You will be able to find them and then eradicate them before they become an issue. The traps involve bait that termites carry back to their queen, which will kill the entire colony without using harsh chemicals damaging to your health.

Termite Control Specialist for Brighton Residential and Commercial Needs

Termites can be a problem anywhere, from homes to businesses. You can reach out to the termite experts at Termite Free Naturally to get the assistance you need.

We are Australian owned and operated, putting the needs of our customer above our bottom line. There are no contracts, and the post-eradication system is easy to maintain. You can always reach out to us with any questions or ask for assistance with the system. We are happy to be there for you.