Finding a Safer Means of Pest Control in Adelaide, Brighton, Reynella, Marino or Glenelg

Are you looking for a way to eradicate termites on your property, but worried about introducing chemicals or toxins into the environment? For many people, pest control and eradication is inextricably linked with the thought of harmful chemicals. Luckily, modern pest control methods are often sophisticated enough to deal with infestation issues without introducing harmful toxins into the environment. Indeed, at Termite Free Naturally, we are dedicated to providing a pest control option in Adelaide that is safer for your family, your pets, your neighbours and the environment in general.

Pest Control: Then Versus Now

At Termite Free Naturally, our pest control in Brighton, Reynella and other areas is based on something called the John French Method. However, when most people think of termite eradication, they think of exterminators spraying the ground and other surfaces with toxic chemicals.

This method was the old way of dealing with termite or white ant infestations. Not only is this approach dangerous for people, animals and plants alike, but it is also ineffective. Termites usually build their nests in trees, stumps or other dark, contained places. In other words, termites don’t live in the ground. So, while spraying the ground with chemicals might catch a few termites, it won’t eliminate them all, and it won’t hit the colony at its centre. Even spraying termites where they are feeding will only kill some of a termite colony. To eradicate the infestation entirely, you should target the source.

The John French Method is what we use for pest control in Glenelg and Marino because it doesn’t revolve around spraying chemicals randomly and hoping for success. Instead, the John French Method of pest control uses natural, chemical-free baits to attract termites and detect their presence on a property. These baits give termites exactly what they want—a food source of quality timber—which draws them out effectively. The John French Method then coats these termites in toxic dust, which the termites carry back to their nest. These poisoned termites act as little Trojan horses, rendering their nests vulnerable and efficiently eliminating most (if not all) of the colony.

Call Termite Free Naturally for Pest Control in Reynella or Glenelg

If you need a pest control option in Marino or Brighton that will eliminate termites without spraying chemicals haphazardly around your property, then Termite Free Naturally can help. Our bait boxes and treatment packs allow you to make only very minimal use of toxins to kill the termites on your property. They also target the source of the problem—the colony and the nest—instead of just killing termites who are feeding or moving from point A to point B. This method of pest control allows you to get rid of the problem, instead of having to deal with it repeatedly.

Are you interested in learning more about Termite Free Naturally and our pest control products in Glenelg, Marino, Brighton, Reynella or Adelaide? Give us a call today on 1800 154 764.