Now available Online: Termite Bait Trap Stations and Kit

As a homeowner, one of the stipulations of selling your home will be a termite inspection report. This is because a home that has become infested with termites can be severely damaged, sometimes resulting in condemnation. These pests come in the thousands and can mean the end of your home if not treated properly.

Termites can approach your home from any direction, which means that laying a few traps around your home without a plan will not end the termite plague. This will only serve to suppress them, but they will always be there, threatening your home. The only solution is total eradication, often in the form of deadly chemical attacks on the colony.

For twenty-five years, Termite Free Naturally has been serving all-natural pest control solutions that homeowners can trust. Our anti-termite technology is proven to work while protecting you, your home, and your environment. With our online termite bait trap, you can end your termite problems yourself, but we’ll be happy to come out if you live anywhere near the Adelaide CBD.

Why Choose an Online Termite Bait Kit instead of Exterminators?

Available online, our termite bait stations come equipped with everything necessary to install our two-stage detection and eradication system. Depending on the type of terrain where we’ll install your system, what arrives in the kit is a secure trap that will not be disturbed by pets or other animals. Our online termite bait kit includes the traps for early termite detection and double treatment for full termite colony elimination.

Termites live within timber in a colony, where they propagate in the thousands. They will leave their colony in search of food sources, usually wood or paper. They can only detect sources of food that are within 2.5 metres, so once they find a source, they will stick with it. That is why all of our online termite bait stations must be installed within four to five metres of each other.

Initially, each online termite bait trap will attract termites into the trap, helping homeowners to detect activity before deploying the killer bait. This process is silent, clean, and environmentally friendly as there are no pesticides used or sprayed. You can use our online termite bait kit to end the termite threat once and for all without inviting exterminators to explore the premises.

Search Online for our Termite Bait Stations by a Trusted Name

We are dedicated to being the first name in “organic” termite control solutions. If you are afraid that termites may be attacking your home, then call Termite Free Naturally right away. We are always ready to answer your enquiries and help you as soon as possible. We may even be able to help you out telephonically.

If you are thinking about purchasing one of our online termite bait trap systems, but you want to be sure that it will work, check out our many testimonials. Our website displays the positive notes left by many happy clients who called us or ordered one of our bait systems. For twenty-five years, we have been ending termite problems for Australians. Let us help you, too.