John French System Termite Protection Packages

Maintenance is the most important part of your termite protection system. Termite baiting is the most effective long term protection against termites so long as your system is checked, maintained and treated when necessary.

Our number one priority is protecting our customers’ homes from termites. Traps need to be checked and serviced at least once a year by us to maintain timbers are in good order and have not been eaten from underneath and within. We are committed to offering our clients the best level of service possible, while maintaining a level of flexibility. Following are the options we have come up with to enhance our service for you.

1. Annual Check of Traps

1. Your traps will be checked by us every 12 months
2. You will be required to do the other checks.
3. The cost of treating and maintaining the traps is not included in the price
- Wood pack replacement
$11 per trap
- Colony Kill
$660 when necessary
- Call out fee if called out on separate occasion when termites are not active

2. Full maintenance and treatment package

Termite Free Naturally will fully maintain your system by checking, servicing, baiting and guaranteeing the protection of your home from termites.

Your 12 month protection package includes;

1. Traps checked 4 times a year:
2. Termite Eradication where necessary
3. Wood pack replacement when necessary.
(Roughly 5x wood packs a year)
Total value at RRP:

Full maintenance and treatment package: $600 (SAVE $515!)

3. Self Monitoring

If you are diligent at checking your own traps every 3 to 4 months you may wish to self monitor. When you get a hit trap or if termites go through your traps and then into the house there will be a fee for treatment and eradication. This fee will apply if you are checking your own traps and you have not had Termite Free Naturally install, treat or check your traps for 12 months or more.

Treatment and eradication fee
Call out fee if termites are not active