Installing your DIY System

Installing Traps in Pavers

  • Remove Paver and install trap
  • Apply basic mortar around trap
  • Finished Product!

Installing Traps in Dirt / Lawn

  • Dig a hole for the trap to go into
  • Place Venus trap in hole with room for basic mortar
  • Finished Product!

Installing Traps in Concrete Surrounds

  • Drill concrete with 77mm core drill
  • Install woodpack
  • Fit stainless steel lid over trap
  • All DIY packs come with Marker pegs for locating traps in dense garden areas
  • 2 treatment packs that easily attach to your venus traps, for treatment of termite colonies

Our Venus Termite Traps come in 4 different colours, to give you a wider variety of choices to suit your home.

  • Sand
  • Brick Red
  • White
  • Garden Green