DIY Treatment

Termite Free Naturally

Termite Free Naturally specialise in colony eradication. Colonies are eradicated either directly in a tree or mound or by using one of the John French Baiting Methods.

The Do it Yourself system uses the John French method of termite baiting to kill termites colonies that are located in Venus Termite Traps. Order Now.

John French Baiting

In many instances the termite colony can not be found. Termites can travel up to 100 metres and may not be located above ground. In these cases a baiting method is used in which termites are fed growth regulator which they take back to the colony. These termites are feeding the queen and other termites in the colony thus the whole colony will be wiped out.

Treating Termites Outside

Treating Venus Traps: It is recommended Venus termite traps are located around the building to warn of termite activity and allow baiting of colony. Once a trap has been hit, growth regulator treatment is secured on trap. Feeding termites will eat the treatment and take it back to the colony infecting the queen and other termites and eliminating the colony.

Treatment is sold as part of the complete protection package. It comes in a double pack with 2 replacement wood packs. A double treatment pack is enough to kill most termite colonies. In some instances where the colony is not very large only one pack will be required.

Treatment comes in an enclosed container that needs water to be added to it to make it active. Once water has been added it can be screwed to the top of the Venus Trap that is being eaten by termites. Termites will feed on the bait and take it back to the colony, destroying the colony. Time taken to kill the colony will depend on the size of the colony.

Please note there may be more than one colony in an area.

Eradicating Termites Inside

Where termites are active inside building, treatment can be secured to the active site for colony elimination. It is advisable that if termites are inside you speak to a professional at Termite Free Naturally 1800 154 764 for guidance and support.

N.B: Instructions on installation are included with the baits and our 1800# is available to phone for advice and instruction if needed.

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