DIY Systems & Baiting

Termite Free Naturally uses Venus Termite Traps to detect termite (White Ant) activity in your yard before they get to your home.

The “SA Pest Free Naturally Termite Baiting System” complies with the requirements of the BCA as a Performance based Alternative Solution. In our Laboratory study, we concluded that using Chlorfluzaron as the baiting toxicant, is effective against subterranean Termites.

Dr Berhan Ahmed
Managing Director B. Sci (Agric Sci); PhD (Termite Physiology and Control)
Convenor of Biological Section International Research group on Wood Protection
Expert Witness on Termite Litigation

Australia wide
DIY treatment $880

Understand Termite Colonies (Nests)

  • Termites collect food to take back to their nest.
  • They are blind and work in underground galleries.
  • The ones that attack houses collect timber.
  • They will travel up to 100 metres to find a food source.

Therefore contrary to popular belief having timber lying around your garden can actually protect your home for longer, than having no timber lying around if termites are in the area.

The Venus Termite Trap is the most practical and effective monitoring tool. The timber in the trap is easily accessible to termites and the timber used is highly attractive to them. Termites in the area will certainly feed from the traps as an initial source of food.

Venus Termite Traps have been researched, developed and tested here in South Australia, and are exclusive to SA Pest Free Naturally.

If termites are detected in your yard SA Pest Free Naturally will use the John French Method of Baiting to destroy the termite colony thus eliminating the problem.

Install Venus Termite Traps to Protect Your Home
Your Early Warning System against Termites

Installing Traps in Pavers

  • Remove Paver and install trap

  • Apply basic mortar around trap

  • Finished Product!

Installing Traps in Dirt / Lawn

  • Dig a hole for the trap to go into

  • Place Venus trap in hole with room for basic mortar

  • Finished Product!

Installing Traps in Concrete Surrounds

  • Drill concrete with 77mm core drill

  • Install woodpack

  • Fit stainless steel lid over trap

  • All DIY packs come with Marker pegs for locating traps in dense garden areas

  • 2 treatment packs that easily attach to your venus traps, for treatment of termite colonies

Our Venus Termite Traps come in 4 different colours, to give you a wider variety of choices to suit your home.

  • Sand

  • Brick Red

  • White

  • Garden Green

The John French System is your complete package for professional termite protection.

Each Pack Contains

  • 15 x Venus Termite Traps for early termite detection
  • 1 x Double Treatment pack for colony eradications
  • 15 x Marker Pegs for easy location in the garden
  • 1 x Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Full backup support from our Termite Professionals on our 1800 number.

You can buy online now with confidence knowing that our Venus termite system comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the system, your money will be 100% refunded once the system is returned.

Pack includes 15 Venus Traps, 15 marker pegs, 1 double treatment for colony eradication, full instructions and back up support.

The system comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee. If not happy with the system money will be 100% refunded once the system is returned.

Australia wide
DIY treatment $880