What we do at TFN

Australia’s Finest Termite Eradicator

Established in 1995, Termite Free Naturally is Australia’s ONLY full eradication service. It’s eradication program is highly effective and terminal for the termites. Not for people!

TFN provides a viable alternative to highly toxic options offered by most pest control services.

Why is this important?

Because the commonly used method of spraying highly toxic chemicals is putting people’s health at risk (as these chemicals dissipate into the air and leach into the soil).

Toxic chemicals may leach into water table, a real risk for suburbs where its close to the surface, and who wants to discover years later when the damage is already done?

Toxic chemicals may affect health of your family, your pets and others if they inhale dispersing spray

Questions to ask your termite control specialist

TFN’s Solution:

Find a non-toxic substitute that kills termites, leads to complete destruction of the termite colonies and prevents infestations. In other words, a program that eradicates the cause, not just the symptoms.

A program that is so much more than a ‘symptom treatment’ program.

In conjunction with the CSIRO’s John French a termite baiting system was developed. This system is terminal for termites and safe for people, pets and the environment.

The system is exclusive to Termite Free Naturally.

No other Australian company uses such an ecologically safe and effective treatment program. All competitors use some toxic chemicals and many only focus on treating the symptoms of the problem.

Questions to ask your termite control specialist 

What do we mean by effective?

Termite Free Naturally’s system eradicates the termites.

What Termite Free Naturally doesn’t do:

  •        It doesn’t just treat the symptoms
  •        It doesn’t spray toxic chemicals on your property (the product used is only deadly to termites)
  •        It doesn’t destroy your health, or the health of your family or that of your pets
  •        It doesn’t leave any chemical residues in your home
  •        It doesn’t leave any chemical residues in your garden

What Termite Free Naturally does do:

It finds and destroys the termite colony

It eradicates termites with products that are NOT toxic to you, your family, your pets, your home or your garden

It tracks down the main nest where the termite queen is located and kills the termite colony

It places termite traps in key locations on your property to catch any termites that may come from nearby properties

It uses pet & people safe termite bait to destroy any termite colonies that develop after the initial eradication program (in case termites have already started new    colonies nearby)

Its team will advise you about things you can do to reduce the risk of future termite infestations.

Questions to ask your termite control specialist