Our Team

Our Team

Founder – Robert Cameron

Robert, who spent most of his life working the land, was shocked and appalled at the high level of dangerous poisons used by most firms to kills pest in city and suburban areas. He discovered that most of these treatments only dealt with the symptoms, without finding the cause of the problem, let alone providing a remedy.

He was instrumental in developing the system with the CSIRO’s John French, and continues to provide input to the firm’s ongoing improvement and development program

Second generation – Scott Cameron

With a talent for identifying the main termite colony, Scott also teaches the rest of the eradication & prevention team all the latest healthy and safe methods.

Your First Point of Call – Rachel

An integral part of the team, although not a part of the ‘kill’ team that will eradicate termites on your property, you can expect her to ask you all the right questions to ensure your service happens as quickly as possible. She will explain the eradication & prevention processes and book your time for the team to visit, quote and fix your problem.

Termite Eradicators & Preventers – the ‘kill team’ – deadly for termites, but friendly and helpful for clients!

Rob Yelland has been part of the team since 2010 and loves hunting down and eradicating termites! While he’s on the job at your place, he’s always happy to explain the process he’s undertaking so that you can have peace of mind. Nothing pleases him more than knowing he’s solved a nasty problem for a client.

Phil Jordan has been part of the team since 2004  he heads the service, maintenance and trap baiting program. He is an exceptional colony hunter and is called in on large eradication jobs for locating and killing colonies. He is comitted to providing a safe and healthy service.

And all members of this team are always keen to learn and use any new techniques. They take great pride in leaving properties neat and clean after their jobs.

All team members are knowledgeable about termites, and the most effective ways of dealing with them. Everyone knows what happens in the field and can answer your questions.