Company Profile

Termite Free Naturally was founded in 1995 by Robert Cameron.

Robert had spent all his life working the land and when he moved to the city saw the need for natural alternatives for pest control. He was aware of the damage chemicals could do to the environment and our health and sought healthier means of eradicating pests.

After successfully getting rid of cockroaches in many restaurants in the city Robert moved into termite control.

After receiving all his pest accreditation’s Robert did a course with John French from the CSIRO on termite baiting.

John had founded termite baiting and it was in its early stages.

Robert picked up on the baiting and has been specialising in it as a form of termite control, working in with John French, ever since.

Robert has developed in conjunction with John French the John French Termite Baiting System.

It was developed in Adelaide and is exclusive to Termite Free Naturally.

Unlike many other systems on the market it is not franchised. No other companies have had access to this particular baiting system and its development in termite control is ongoing.

Termite Free Naturally is comprehensively insured with World Insurance Network.

There has been no litigation against this company.

Robert’s son Scott joined him in the company in 2001 after flying helicopters up North.

He is fully accredited in Pest Management.

Scott has been a great asset to the company and is particularly good at locating termite colonies and getting termites out of houses.

Termite Free Naturally specialise in Termite Colony destruction. Together Scott and Robert have killed hundreds of termite colonies throughout SA through direct eradication and baiting.

Phil Jordan has been working for SA Pest Free Naturally since 2003 and is responsible for putting in traps, setting and checking baits and killing colonies.

Robert’s daughter Suzy has worked on and off with the company since its early days doing Marketing and Administration.

Termite Free Naturally is a family run company who aim to offer home owners the best solution to protect their homes from termites without harming their health or the environment.

We believe the solution to termite control and stopping termite damage does not lie in spraying under homes with harmful chemicals, but rather getting rid of the termite colonies and thus the termite problem.