27 Mar 2013

Copto Sub Colony Benalla, Victoria
A photo we received from a customer in Benalla Victoria, of a Copto sub colony under the house. Amazing how such tiny insects can create all this mud without...
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22 Feb 2013

A day out on a termite eradication job
Hello my name is Rachel and I work in the office here at Termite Free Naturally. Today I went out on an eradication job to see what our fantastic...
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15 Feb 2013

Termite Baiting in a large ground trap. The small round circles are viewing holes so we can see how much bait the termites have eaten without disturbing them.
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14 Feb 2013

Nasutitermes Nest
Hard to image a nest could build up to this size without you knowing, a very large Nasutitermes nest  found under a house in South Australia. The termites used the...
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12 Feb 2013

This tree was cut down (not by us) and we found that a termite colony had hollowed out quite a large area to live in. It is quite amazing...
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