Stop Fighting the Same War Repeatedly: Buy Online DIY White Ant Treatments and Eliminate Termites at the Source

Too often, the strategies for eradicating or ‘controlling’ termites involve finding their food sources and killing them while they eat. Unfortunately, this approach has little success or impact in the grand scheme of things. Think of it this way: if you were fighting an infestation of black ants in your home, would you expect to eliminate the problem by individually squishing every ant you saw crawling along the floor or counter? Probably not: you would set traps so that the ants took the poison back to their nests to eradicate the entire colony.

The Termite Free Naturally Strategy for Eliminating White Ant Colonies

At Termite Free Naturally, this concept of targeting the source instead of the more visible pest activity is behind our termite control systems. You can buy online to get our DIY white ant treatments, which use multiple bait traps to draw out termites. Each bait trap is its own food source—rich in Tasmanian oak timber, which white ants love. Using our treatment packs in concert with the baits, you can poison these termites while they are feeding, so they carry toxins back to their nests and infect the rest of the colony. Just as with the black ant example above, this strategy targets the source instead of the activity.

By purchasing our online white ant treatment systems, you will free yourself from having to fight the same war against termites repeatedly. When you only target termite activity—killing termites at the food source instead of hitting their nest—you only delay a more serious problem. Sure, you are wiping out some termites and rendering individual food sources useless to the colony. The problem is that termites are resourceful and will find other food sources. Eventually, they might even find your home, which is when things become severe.

When you use traps that draw white ants out, poison them and send them back to poison the rest of the colony as well, you not only win the battle, but you win the war as well. You use the termites’ desire for a quality food source against them, and you kill off the entire colony as a result. In turn, the colony hopefully never reaches your house or causes any significant monetary damage to your property. Finally, you spend less on white ant control in the long run, because you eradicate the issue the first time instead of just putting a band-aid on the problem.

Buy Online to Get a DIY White Ant Treatment from Termite Free Naturally

Are you shopping online for a white ant treatment that you can implement on your own, without the help of a professional exterminator? If so, Termite Free Naturally has what you need. You can buy our DIY white ant treatments online. If you have any questions about our white ant traps and why they are such an effective way of dealing with termites, feel free to give us a call on 1800 154 764 today.