Dealing with a Termite Problem? Buy Online DIY Termite Bait Traps from Termite Free Naturally

Unfortunately, it’s a typical situation: you’re digging through a wood pile or pruning a tree one day when you stumble upon a group of termites feeding on the wood. Ideally, the destructive pests won’t have had an opportunity yet to move on to your home or any surrounding structures. Either way you need to act fast to eliminate the problem.

Buy an Online DIY Termite Trap Pack from Termite Free Naturally

At Termite Free Naturally, we can help. Buy online to get our DIY termite traps, which use high-quality Tasmanian oak timber to draw termites out and give them a temporary food source. These bait traps are helpful for a few reasons.

Firstly, when you buy online DIY termite bait traps from us, you will get a DIY pack that contains 15 traps. Each trap contains a large amount of timber, so by placing all 15 traps strategically around the spot on your property where you initially found termites, you should be able to give the colony a food source that will last for several months. Termites will travel up to 100 metres for a food source, so giving them a source of timber closer to their possible nest location will help deter them from your house for a time.

Secondly, each DIY termite treatment set we sell includes a double treatment pack for colony eradication. Once you’ve drawn termites to the baits, you can attach the treatment pack to the bait trap. The treatment pack poisons the termites in the trap, which then return to their nests carrying a toxicant with them. Ideally, this toxin will eliminate the colony at its source.

Set Traps for Termites without Scattering Eyesores Around Your Property

It goes without saying that the biggest problem with termites is the devastation they cause. However, scattering more than a dozen traps around an acre of land isn’t necessarily something that appeals to most homeowners. After all, pest traps are often unsightly and can affect the landscaping and kerb appeal of your property.

At Termite Free Naturally, we have solved this issue as well. When you buy online to get our DIY termite bait traps, you will notice that the traps have been designed to look like bricks. The traps come in four different colours—brick red, garden green, white and sand—and can be installed in pavers, in concrete or the ground. Each installation option provides a natural, unobtrusive look that visitors or passers-by probably won’t even notice. Your DIY pack will also include pegs, which you can install to make sure you can find your traps later.

Don’t let termites get any closer to your house than they already have. Instead, buy online DIY termite traps from Termite Free Naturally today. Once you’ve installed the traps, we will even be available to offer backup support as you need it. Call us 1800 154 764 if you have any questions, concerns or other enquiries.