Protect Your Home: Buy DIY Termite Baiting Systems Online from Termite Free Naturally

When you buy a house, it’s always wise to invest in a series of building inspections to make sure the property is structurally sound and free of costly defects. Among the necessary pre-purchase home inspections is the termite inspection. Termites may be small, but they can do a massive amount of damage to a home in a relatively short period. Making sure your home is free of termites before you buy, helps give you peace of mind to go ahead with the purchase.

However, just because your pre-purchase termite inspection came back clean doesn’t mean that you will never have to worry about termites again. On the contrary, it’s entirely possible that termites are colonising in your yard and just haven’t made it to your home yet. If you buy online DIY termite baiting systems, you will be able to detect and stop a termite colony before it reaches your house and wreaks havoc.

Termite Free Naturally: Your Source for DIY Termite Bait Online

At Termite Free Naturally, we know how termites can encroach over time. Termites will travel up to 100 metres from their nests to find food. If you have trees or timber piles in your yard, termites will likely access those as food sources before they get to your house. On the one hand, the presence of other food sources protects your home by keeping termites occupied for longer. On the other hand, when termites are devastating other timber sources on your property, it can create a false sense of security. You have an impending termite problem, but you don’t realise it because the pests are focused elsewhere.

The best way to make sure that termites never reach your house or do damage to your property is to install termite traps on your property. At Termite Free Naturally, we sell DIY termite bait online. Our traps use Tasmanian oak to attract termites. If there are termites on or near your property, they will be drawn to the food source housed in our traps.

These initial termite baits aren’t poisonous to the termites. Rather, they serve to detect the presence of termites on your property. When you buy online DIY termite baits from Termite Free Naturally, you also get a treatment pack that you can use to eradicate entire colonies of termites. If you detect termites on your property, simply install the treatment pack, and it will attack the source of the problem. Termites will feed at the trap, return to their nest carrying a toxicant and contaminate the rest of the colony.

Safeguard Your Property Against Termites Today

Unfortunately, termites are a common concern for homeowners in Australia. Luckily, by purchasing Termite Free Naturally’s DIY termite bait online, you can detect the presence of termite colonies on your property before they reach your home. You will also be able to eliminate the colony entirely, rather than letting it ravage your property or deterring it and sending it towards another property.

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