21 Mar 2012

Understanding Termites – Why Termite Baiting?

Many people looking to use termite baiting are only interested in avoiding the harmful effects of chemical sprays.

This is one great reason but by no means the main one.

The number one reason to use termite baiting instead of chemicals is that termite baiting works.

Chemical sprays may keep termites away from your house for a few years but they will not get rid of the colony.

The queen termite (coptotermes acinaciformis) lives for 50 to 70 years and then the colony goes in 30 year cycles.

These termites are responsible for 70% of termite damage to houses in SA and will only travel 50 to 100 metres to a food source.

What this means is that if you have termites you can either use chemical sprays and leave the colony there (it will always put pressure on your home and you will not know where it will appear next), or you can kill it through termite baiting or direct eradication in which case that colony will be killed and will never start up again.

If termites do get into your home their tunnels will remain, just like a food source highway for those termites or other colonies.

With termite baiting the termite traps in your garden will remain to warn of any other termites that may be in the area and allow for further eradication if and when it is needed, before they get into your home.

Why termite baiting?

  1. It kills the colony and gets rid of the problem
  2. Prevention – it allows for termite detection and eradication before they get into your home
  3. It keeps your home and family free from toxic chemicals

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Until next time… Suzy