1 May 2013

A Natural Insect Killer

Diatomaceous Earth – Insect Killer

Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer is a natural mechanical insecticide that is an excellent alternative to toxic, chemical pesticides. It is made from the fossilized shells of tiny sea creatures called diatoms. It comes in the form of a chalky powder.

Because it is like a light dust, it easily clings to the bodies of insects as they walk and crawl over it. The tiny glass-like particles then cut the waxy coating of insects and they eventually dry out and die. Insects cannot become immune to Diatomaceous Earth. It is especially good for killing Black Ant colonies.

For indoor use lightly coat a thin layer in areas where Earwigs, Caterpillars, Millepedes, Centipedes, Silverfish, Cockroaches and Ants are found or may hide. Can be used behind and beneath refrigerators, cabinets, stoves, garbage cans and in or around sewer and drain pipes.

For outdoor use, lightly coat a thin layer where Snails, Slugs, Caterpillars, Aphids, Ants, Cockroaches, Earwigs and other insects are found. Areas such as patios, windows, door frames, foundations, alond ant trails and outdoor pipes and drains.

Please note that this insect killer is completely natural and does not contain Pyrethrin or any other toxic chemicals.

Please email us if you would like more information on this product.

About a year and a half ago, I picked up some kind of mite from my little poodle, who slept on my bed at night. I was so miserable I thought I would die! They were in my hair, in my skin, in my eyes etc. I was covered and ended up getting prescriptions of permethrin to treat it. The premethrin worked for a short period of time, but they came right back. Then I started dusting myself and my bed nightly with Diatomaceous Earth. I did that for around 5 months and the DE has rid me of this horrible parasite. My poodle also has stopped chewing his paws and scratching- no more swollen red scabby paws. I couldn’t believe that it worked after all else failed. I will never be without Diatomaceous Earth again, whether I am treating black ants in my garden or dusting myself, or my dog or my henhouse with it. Thank God for Diatomaceous Earth – a natural, miracle product. Thank you also for letting me know that it kills something as small as a microscopic mite.
Carolyn from Brooklyn Park