22 Feb 2013

A day out on a termite eradication job

Hello my name is Rachel and I work in the office here at Termite Free Naturally. Today I went out on an eradication job to see what our fantastic technicians do. The property at Elizabeth had termite activity inside a linen cupboard.

As you can see the termites had brought in quite a lot of mud to fill in any gaps. I was quite amazed at how much mud they had brought in. A bait was attached inside the cupboard to eradicate any termites present at the feeding site.

Then it was time to go outside and find where these pesky little termites were coming from. Our technician Scott quickly identified which trees were most likely to be home to a termite nest. To check for a termite nest inside a tree a small hole is drilled then a temperature probe is inserted. This does no damage to the tree and we always make sure to plug up the hole.

Several trees in neighbouring yards were checked and one small nest and one large nest was found and eradicated. When Scott drilled into the tree where the large nest was it was interesting to see the termites runnning out of the holes, this is because they want to seal up the hole as quickly as possible.




I took a photo of some of the area that the colony had muddied up. Termites are hard workers but they had probably been in this tree for quite a long time considering how much they had done.

Once the colony had been found and eradicated it was time to install the trap system. The trap system is a great way to detect termites in the area before they start eating your house.

I had a great time, and learnt a lot today. I have a better understanding of how it all works and greater knowledge to pass on to our wonderful customers.

Thank you for reading :)