6 Feb 2014

Termite activity this summer
We have been very busy at Termite Free Naturally, the warmer weather has definately brought the termites out. Our technicians have been taking some interesting pictures of termite activity and...
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16 Jan 2014

Got Black Ants? We have the product for you!
DuPont Advion! Kills Black Ants Fast! Are you tired of getting repeated visits from black ants during summer? DuPont Advion is a gel substance that ants collect and take...
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12 Nov 2013

Re-treatment and chemical barriers are you paying more than you need to?
We received a letter in the mail today from S.A. Health regarding chemical treatments in the home. We have posted it here for you to read. Annual Termite Treatments...
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1 May 2013

A Natural Insect Killer
Diatomaceous Earth – Insect Killer Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer is a natural mechanical insecticide that is an excellent alternative to toxic, chemical pesticides. It is made from the...
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19 Apr 2013

A Must Read News Article!
We recently read this article and thought it was vital to pass this information on. The article describes research carried out that links pesticide use to possible brain tumors...
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