Myths and Facts

Myths & Facts


Myth: Termites can be eliminated by spraying the ground and any other surfaces.

Truth: Termites live in colonies and can be easily detected. Termites can only be eliminated by killing this colony. Anything less is just a ‘band aid’.


Myth: Spraying termites where they are feeding will eliminate the problem.

Truth: Spraying termites where they are feeding will help to eliminate the problem, but unless the main colony is found and treated the infestation is only suppressed not purged.


Myth: One or two traps near your home is adequate.

Truth: Termites can come at your home from any direction, one or two traps would leave your home vunerable. When termites get with in 2.5 metres of an attractant (the trap) they will smell it and source it for food. By using a large timber source of the correct timber traps can be placed 4-5 metres apart.


Myth: If you find termites in a tree, you’ve found their colony.

Truth: In the southern ends of Australia for the coptotermes species CSIRO research found that termites usually establish their nest in a tree but do not use it as a food source. They travel out  approx 100 metres from the nest (sometimes further) to gather food. If the tree is being badly eaten more than likely its just a food source.


Myth: Termites can be detected in a tree by using a camera.

Truth: Termites cannot be detected in a tree by using a camera because they usually surround themselves in mud, so the camera lens won’t see them. A temperature probe will reveal their presence.

Questions to ask your termite control specialist