Where are the termite hotspots in Adelaide? Hills and Country, Noarlunga, Gawler, Prospect, Semaphore and Adelaide City

How do I know what type of termite i’ve got? Identifying Termites

Do you service commercial buildings as well as residential? Yes at TFN we are able to service commercial, residential and strata groups.

My neighbours have termites do I need to worry? If your neighbours have termites it is certainly worth thinking about installing a detection system around your home. Termites travel up to 100m from there nest to find a food source and usually like to have many eating grounds.

Is DIY hard to do? Not at all, we provide detailed instructions on how to install and manage the system. If you do find you need additional help, you are free to call us and we can talk you through any problems.

What is the John French System?  John French System

Do you eradicate any other pests? At TFN we deal mainly with termites as we are focused on being the leaders in natural termite protection and eradication.

Do you eradicate black ants? TFN can eradicate a black ant infestation inside your home.

How does your system prevent termites coming back? TFN’s system works as an early detection system for new termite colonies that may find there way to your property. Termites will get into the traps before your building and then TFN can bait the trap directly and eradicate the colony.

Will it affect my pets? No, the product TFN uses is in a sealed bait container, but if your pet did manage to get it open none of its contents are toxic to mammals. The bait is only harmful to termites.

Questions to ask your termite control specialist